Pedestal Joust
Pedestal Joust

Pedestal Joust


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Pedestal Joust 


The jousting game is popular among teenagers and adults. It involves two participants who climb on top of the pedestals, wearing protective gear. Gladiators then swing at each other with over-sized, soft air-filled jousting poles to try and knock each other off their pedestal. The victorious gladiator is the first one to knock their opponent down on the huge air-inflated mat. The joust arena is fun and competitive which is always sure to please the crowd. 

Pedestal Joust - w/headgear, pedestals, sticks

Professional delivery to Hamburg, NY and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.

Product Reviews:

  • 6/13/21Shannonfelt that the "pegs" to stand on were not inflated enough to hold a person, BUT lots of fun!!!

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    Safety Mats Around Exit & Entrance

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