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Product Information:

Blue Adventure 7in1 Combo


This deluxe 7in1 combo features a large bounce area, climbing wall, 1 slide, mini free falls, basketball hoop, and a half shaped ball for a rock n rolling time. Features air-pad cushioning to make for a soft safe landing after jumping from the mini platform inside. With netting all the way around the bounce parents can easily monitor their child from outside. The ramp/step on the front of the inflatable makes for a safe, easy entrance and exit.

  • Fits up to 10 kids
  • Large Bounce Area
  • Safety Mats Around Entrance/Exit 
  • Cleaned & Sanitized
  • Must Be Set Up Within 75' of Power Source
  • Flat Surface Required
  • Properly Anchored With Stakes or Sand Bags
  • Safety Exit In The Roof 

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:


Space Needed:



  • AvengersBlue Adventure 7in1:Avengers1
  • Beauty and the BeastBlue Adventure 7in1:Beauty and the Beast1
  • DinoBlue Adventure 7in1:Dino1

  • EmojiBlue Adventure 7in1:Emoji1
  • FortniteBlue Adventure 7in1:Fortnite1
  • FrozenBlue Adventure 7in1:Frozen1
  • GraduationBlue Adventure 7in1:Graduation1
  • Happy BirthdayBlue Adventure 7in1:Happy Birthday1
  • IncrediblesBlue Adventure 7in1:Incredibles1
  • MinionsBlue Adventure 7in1:Minions1
  • Minnie MouseBlue Adventure 7in1:Minnie Mouse1
  • Monster HighBlue Adventure 7in1:Monster High1
  • Ninja TurtlesBlue Adventure 7in1:Ninja Turtles1
  • Paw PatrolBlue Adventure 7in1:Paw Patrol1
  • Peppa PigBlue Adventure 7in1:Peppa Pig1
  • PJ MaskBlue Adventure 7in1:PJ Mask1
  • PokemonBlue Adventure 7in1:Pokemon1
  • Rent As IsBlue Adventure 7in1:Rent As Is1
  • Rug RatsBlue Adventure 7in1:Rug Rats1
  • Sponge BobBlue Adventure 7in1:Sponge Bob1
  • SportsBlue Adventure 7in1:Sports1

  • Star WarsBlue Adventure 7in1:Star Wars1
  • Super MarioBlue Adventure 7in1:Super Mario1
  • Thomas The TrainBlue Adventure 7in1:Thomas The Train1

  • Toy StoryBlue Adventure 7in1:Toy Story1
  • TransformersBlue Adventure 7in1:Transformers1
  • TrollsBlue Adventure 7in1:Trolls1
  • UnicornBlue Adventure 7in1:Unicorn1

Product Reviews:

  • 7/24/21JohnEven the big kids (ages 17, 18, 19 and 20!) had a blast! Thank you so much- we will definitely rent from you again!!!

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