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Product Information:

Star Wars Bounce House


Our Star Wars bounce house will inject your party or event with light saber fun, as Darth Vader and his pals invite everyone to the castle in the deserts of Tatoonie! Check out the three dimensional design and colorful artwork. It gives the feel that you’re in the movie. Darth Vader, Luke, Princess Lela, R2-D2, Chewbacca, and Yoda make the perfect friends for kids to jump alongside all day. The bounce house features an entrance ramp which makes for entering and exiting easy and safe. It also has small mesh netting for cool air to flow through and parents to see their kids while bouncing and playing. It also has a safety net that closes after entering the bounce house. This allows for kids to play safely on the inside even while jumping near the entrance.

    • Fits up to 10 kids
    • Large Bounce Area
    • Safety Mats Around Entrance/Exit 
    • Cleaned & Sanitized
    • Must Be Set Up Within 75' of Power Source
    • Flat Surface Required
    • Properly Anchored With Stakes or Sand Bags
    • Safety Exit In The Roof 

Grab your light sabers and jump, hop and have fun in one of the best new inflatables we have. This amazing Star Wars inflatable will be the highlight to any party. Its vibrant colors will make and young Jedi excited to battle it out with their friends. This Unit is great for all boys and girls and even comes with a basketball hoop on the inside. All new Disney inflatables come with a new safety entrance which is covered and hooks with a safety mat to make sure your young Jedi's are all safe. This new inflatable comes with an enclosed top and breathable sides. Also, this unit has an escape hatch on the top in case the dark side attacks and the ship is blown. 

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Space Needed:


Product Reviews:

  • 9/5/21Amandawonderful fun & so clean, thank you!

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    • Fits up to 8 kids
    • Large Bounce Area
    • Safety Mats Around Entrance/Exit 
    • Cleaned & Sanitized
    • Must Be Set Up Within 75' of Power Source
    • Flat Surface Required
    • Properly Anchored With Stakes or Sand Bags
    • Safety Exit In The Roof 

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      Large Slide Area

      One Slider At A Time

      Safety Mats Around Exit & Entrance

      ALWAYS Cleaned & Sanitized At Setup

      Properly Staked Or Sandbagged To ASTM Standards

      Cones On top Of Stakes

      No Jump Safety Netting


      Flat Set Up Surface

      Clear Of Power Lines Above And Bellow

      Can Not Be Setup Touching Trees Or Other Objects

      Water Hose Ran To Back Of Slide

         Must Be Within 75ft Of Power Source  

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