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Product Information:

Toxic 5in1 Combo


This toxic 5in1 combo is a unique looking inflatable bounce house with an option for a theme to be added. It features a bounce area, slide, pop up obstacles, basketball hoop, and half shaped balls for a little rock and roll. The jumping area is enclosed with netting so parents can oversee their children playing and jumping with smiles. The step/ramp makes for safe and easy entering and exiting.  

  • Fits up to 10 kids
  • Large Bounce Area
  • Safety Mats Around Entrance/Exit 
  • Cleaned & Sanitized
  • Must Be Set Up Within 75' of Power Source
  • Flat Surface Required
  • Properly Anchored With Stakes or Sand Bags
  • Safety Exit In The Roof 

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:


Space Needed:



  • AvengersToxic 5in1:Avengers1
  • Beauty and the BeastToxic 5in1:Beauty and the Beast1
  • DinoToxic 5in1:Dino1

  • EmojiToxic 5in1:Emoji1
  • FortniteToxic 5in1:Fortnite1
  • FrozenToxic 5in1:Frozen1
  • GraduationToxic 5in1:Graduation1
  • Happy BirthdayToxic 5in1:Happy Birthday1
  • IncrediblesToxic 5in1:Incredibles1
  • MinionsToxic 5in1:Minions1
  • Minnie MouseToxic 5in1:Minnie Mouse1
  • Monster HighToxic 5in1:Monster High1
  • Ninja TurtlesToxic 5in1:Ninja Turtles1
  • Paw PatrolToxic 5in1:Paw Patrol1
  • PJ MaskToxic 5in1:PJ Mask1
  • PokemonToxic 5in1:Pokemon1
  • Rent As IsToxic 5in1:Rent As Is1
  • Rug RatsToxic 5in1:Rug Rats1
  • Sponge BobToxic 5in1:Sponge Bob1
  • SportsToxic 5in1:Sports1

  • Star WarsToxic 5in1:Star Wars1
  • Super MarioToxic 5in1:Super Mario1
  • Thomas The TrainToxic 5in1:Thomas The Train1

  • Toy StoryToxic 5in1:Toy Story1
  • TransformersToxic 5in1:Transformers1
  • TrollsToxic 5in1:Trolls1
  • UnicornToxic 5in1:Unicorn1

Product Reviews:

  • 5/15/21Margiegreat bounce house !

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    • Safety Mats Around Entrance/Exit 
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    • Must Be Set Up Within 75' of Power Source
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    • Properly Anchored With Stakes or Sand Bags
    • Safety Exit In The Roof 

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      Large Slide Area

      One Slider At A Time

      Safety Mats Around Exit & Entrance

      ALWAYS Cleaned & Sanitized At Setup

      Properly Staked Or Sandbagged To ASTM Standards

      Cones On top Of Stakes

      No Jump Safety Netting


      Flat Set Up Surface

      Clear Of Power Lines Above And Bellow

      Can Not Be Setup Touching Trees Or Other Objects

      Water Hose Ran To Back Of Slide

         Must Be Within 75ft Of Power Source  

    Professional delivery to Hamburg, NY and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.